Upper body twist in massage
Alison possesses superb skills as well as a strongly felt embodied presence and clarity of intention. We’re talking rock solid here. She is one of those (in my experience) rare therapists who is not afraid to take you to that deep edge where it ‘hurts so good’ and where lasting change occurs. If you want to travel beyond the mediocrity of a ‘feel-good massage’ and enter the zone where the real work gets done, trust Alison to be your guide.
— Jerry Solomon, owner of Ashland Electric Bikes
Receiving massage from Alison is such a treat. Her touch and presence is nurturing and the experience leaves me feeling special and cared for. Her ability to attend to what is going on with her broad skill set, makes each session unique. Sometimes we do cupping, scrapping or gentle manipulations. Her intuitive sense of what the body is needing has helped me bounce back overnight from locked up shoulders and stiff neck. The sessions are healing for me on many levels.
— Crystal Mays, artist and hair stylist
Neck stretch in massage
Foot massage
I just had a wonderful massage with Alison. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. I was having a lot of pain and difficulties with my shoulders and she knew exactly which muscles to work on to release my tightness. I know that Alison is committed to continually learning more about the body and wellness and she brings all that wisdom into her practice. I liked my massage so much that I decided to get a pack of 3! Give a gift to yourself and get a massage from Alison!
— Khaliqa Baqi, hospice chaplain
As a bodyworker, I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to receiving massage. I have been to 3 or 4 different therapists in the area over the past few years, and have left each one feeling a bit underwhelmed... like I just didn’t get the work that I was hoping for. Imagine my relief to have found Alison’s healing hands!
I had my first session with her today, and even before the massage started, her warm and gentle presence helped me feel relaxed and at ease. During the session, her attention to detail- be it the incredibly thorough intake; her use of heat and essential oils; or the slow attentive nature of her strokes- helped to create a safe and healing space, where my needs were addressed with nurturing care. She did some great work on my recently re-injured knee, and found tons of trigger points and tight spots in various other muscles, which she worked on with a wonderful mix of strokes, and passive stretching and movement. In addition the great technique, Alison also brought deep intuitive presence to her work- I experienced many moments where I was thinking about asking her to do something different, and before I was able to say anything, she was already making the change I had been wanting! Being able to tune in to another body like that is a very special healing skill, and it made me feel as if I were being fully heard on every level- physically, mentally, and energetically. I left the session feeling balanced and relaxed. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone in search of soul satisfying bodywork.

Thank you again for blessing me with the gift of healing massage, Alison! I look forward to our next session :)
— Selina G., Ashland, OR
While I was pregnant Alison gave me several amazing massages. Even though she does not specifically specialize in prenatal massage she has an incredibly intuitive sense of touch. She pays deep attention to every stroke and continually listens to the feedback my body gives her. I left every session floating on air and feeling so grateful to have such a talented bodyworker in the area.
— Marcie Ley, Labor & Delivery nurse