About Alison


I have been exploring possibilities for living an embodied life of service and vitality through most of my adult life, on a quest for finding fulfilling ways of relating to self, others, and the mystery of life.  A native of southwestern California, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and immediately enjoyed a resonance with the down-to-earth, open-hearted, passionate people around me.  I volunteered and worked at a number of small organic farms and homesteads throughout Oregon, where I found great fulfillment in setting my hands to work with soil, seed and the cycles of nature. 

Drawing on a desire to be of immediate service and to use my hands, I decided to attend massage school in Portland, Oregon, in 2012, where I focused on deep tissue massage and developed a deep love for Asian styles of bodywork, especially Shiatsu, which is based in the principles of classical Chinese medicine.  This was a time of great blossoming for me, as i saw pieces from my whole life falling in to place.  I felt a resonance with this kind of beyond-language work of being present with others in service to innate wellbeing.   Memories of this capacity began to surface: constantly (and willingly) being recruited to “rub my mom’s neck” throughout my childhood… as a preteen, simply sitting in silence with my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, us lovingly holding each other’s hands in the space surrounding us.  I feel very grateful to have found work that allows me to be of service.  

After school, I relocated to Southern Oregon to enjoy a slower-paced life surrounded by nature while building a massage practice in both the country and town.  The move to Ashland afforded me the opportunity to connect with two people who would become transformative mentors.  In 2014, I was blessed to participate in an 18-month advanced bodywork mentorship with Stephanie Shrum of Co-Creative Healing, during which time I met Anna Duval.  in 2015, I found my way into martial art studies (Hakko-Ryu Jujitsu, a classical Japanese art) with Steve Glaser, who is himself a seasoned and exceptional bodywork and shiatsu practitioner.  I quickly discovered that this martial art practice would support both my personal and professional development and i dove into training.  This practice has changed the way that I move in the world, continually teaching me about the power of intention, attention, relaxation, and awareness.  These are qualities that I strive to bring to all aspects of my life, especially my work as a massage therapist.  

In 2016, I decided to leave the community where I lived in the Little Applegate and I ventured full-time into Ashland, quickly getting connected with the thriving dance community.  The practice of dancing brings me great joy and a childlike feeling of wonder and discovery, teaching me about the unrepeatable magic of the present moment, and deep listening to the bodies & movements of other humans.  These two practices of Jujitsu and dance create in my life a beautiful contrast between discipline and play, structure and freedom, becoming and being; they bring to light the interplay of east and west, masculine and feminine, a reflection of the continual striving for balance in my own life.  I bring awareness of these aspects of life into the massage work that I do, holding space for both the simplicity and the complexity of being human. 

Since finishing school in 2013, I have been devoted to deepening my bodywork studies through a Shiatsu apprenticeship with Steve Glaser of the Ashland Center of Asian Bodywork and a Thai Massage apprenticeship with Jaye Morolla of Holistic Thai Bodywork, as well as advanced work in cupping therapy & gua sha (therapeutic scraping) through the Naga Center in Portland.  From 2015-2017, my massage work took place at the Ashland Center of Asian Bodywork and I am a founding practitioner at the Center’s monthly community bodywork clinic, an offering which continues monthly with great success.  I have been continuing to cultivate my deep-tissue massage skills in tandem with my deepening experience with Asian traditions.

On a more personal note… a lover of all that nourishes the body and soul, I enjoy singing with others, playing guitar, swimming in cold water, learning languages, exploring the northwest and west coast, and dancing with my beloved Ashland community.  I enjoy mindfully interacting with food (growing, harvesting, cooking, sharing, eating), deepening my relationship with nature and the plant world, exploring the many ways of receiving nourishment from the earth.  I am an amateur herbalist, devoting time and energy to making medicinal tinctures and dried herbs for infusions using both locally-wildcrafted and garden-grown plants.  I am currently blessed to live in a cozy and joy-filled home in ashland with 4 inspiring female friends (two adults, one child, and one canine).  

I greatly look forward to the opportunity to deepen and expand my work through my alignment with Heart Waters Massage come 2018 and hope to meet you soon.  

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