What To Expect in a Session

Before Arriving For Your First Session

To ensure safe, customized sessions, please complete a health history form before the treatment by filling it out when you arrive.  The information from your form will help me tailor the session to match your desires as well as determine if you have any health conditions that would rule out massage.

Please arrive ten minutes early for your first appointment.

Hand massage

Before Each Session

You can remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with for the session, so it’s your choice to leave on undergarments. I will leave the room for you to undress, get on the massage table and cover yourself with a sheet and blanket in privacy. Before entering I’ll verbally check to make sure you've had enough time. To respect personal privacy and provide adequate warmth, I’ll keep you covered or draped with a sheet and/or blanket during the session so that only the part of the body being worked on is exposed.  Please arrive freshly showered after exercising, swimming in a pool, or excessive sweating.

During Each Session

I encourage you to communicate all your needs and desires for your session. I hold that each person is unique and has different likes and dislikes so please let me know what you want. I will ask for feedback to gauge the pressure I am using and to optimize comfort and efficacy. At any time during the session please relay any discomfort, whether it is from the massage or due to any problems or distractions related to the environment, such as room temperature, music volume, lighting, or aromatherapy. My goal is for you to have the best massage ever, every time.