Bodywork Treatments

Hamstring massage

I offer therapeutic massage sessions to suit your personal needs.  In my sessions, I blend “Eastern” (Chinese, Japanese & Thai) techniques & principles with “Western” (deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish) therapeutic techniques & principles in order to effect greater flexibility & balance, pain relief, relaxation, and lasting transformation in the body’s tissues and systems.   

The following are among the tools which I utilize in a therapeutic massage session. Please note that the lists of benefits are incomplete, but a good start.  

Swedish Massage

Highly valued among massage enthusiasts, this classic type of relaxation massage includes long, soothing strokes with gentle to firm pressure inducing relaxed muscles, tension relief, improved blood flow, increased range of motion, and lymphatic system stimulation.  Includes foot and scalp massage.

Deep Tissue

Designed to break the stress-tension-pain cycle by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and bringing the body into balance, Deep Tissue massage employs slower strokes with more direct pressure across the muscle grains.  It is often used to address soft tissue injuries and relieve chronic tension & pain in the deepest layers of muscle, tendons, and fascia. 

Hot Stone Back Massage

Helpful for those who experience recurring muscular back tension and enjoy a deeper massage.  Hot basalt stones with warm oil can boost circulation while promoting complete relaxation.  

These smooth hot stones on your back  is a lovely addition to any massage session.

Hot Stone back massage

Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy

I use essential oils (high grade, organic) for their therapeutic effects, either to deepen relaxation or to enliven & awaken one's senses at the end of a session.  Similarly, I enjoy using the blood- and energy-moving effects of hydrotherapy (warm foot baths, warm compresses & wraps) to enhance the therapeutic benefits of massage work. 

:: aids in relaxation
:: alleviates pain
:: increases blood-flow locally in order to heal damaged tissues
:: reduces chronic tension locally


A holistic system of bodywork based on the "meridians" of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Shiatsu (Japanese for "finger pressure") utilizes acupressure, muscle compression, rocking, and percussive techniques to restore balance and flow of the body's life energy ("qi" or "chi").

:: a full-body treatment tonifies each of the major energy channels (in CCM) and is an excellent way to maintain proper energy flow in each of the body's systems. 
:: improves circulation
:: helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers or those with stiffness in the neck / shoulders / back
:: reduces stress & tension, as well as anxiety & depression
:: restores and maintains the body's life energy; especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness

Thai-Inspired Bodywork

I utilize techniques learned from teachers who have had extensive training in the 2500-year old Ayurvedic-based (Indian) tradition of Thai Massage.  The Thai tradition of bodywork combines deep compression, elongating stretches, myofascial release, acupressure, and joint mobilization.  

:: deeply relaxes & quiets of the mind
:: improves flexibility & range of motion
:: heightens energy levels
:: improves body-mind connection
:: relieves pain caused by muscle tension